We believe that any job worth doing is worth giving your best effort, naturally that includes our quoting process. Every building project is different as every homeowner is different, we all use our homes differently and want a home that reflects us.

We strive to provide you with the most accurate and thorough estimate that we can, so we don't just punch your plan into a program that spits out a number. We get to know you and thoroughly go through all the processes involved and assess every aspect of the project, from first contact to the final dusting (and everything in-between).

"But other builders are giving no obligation, free quotes?"
Sure, you can shop around getting free quotes but are you really willing to trust your home, likely your biggest investment, to the cheapest quote? When paying a nominal fee for a comprehensive building quote you can rest assured that the builder has spent the time required to go through your project with due diligence, getting quotes from subcontractors and suppliers, and checking every aspect. All to protect you from costly budget blowouts down the track caused by avoidable 'unforeseen' costs.

So speak to a builder who won't treat you like a number, a builder who is going to give you and your project the time and attention you deserve.

How does it work?
The amount you invest in your quote is relative to the scale of the project and for small renovation projects is as little as $500 or $1500 for typical new builds and complex projects. If you decide to sign contracts with us to complete your project the amount paid for the quote is credited straight back to you as part payment of your deposit.

What do I receive when I get my quote?
Our quotes include a comprehensive list of inclusions and breakdowns of various project aspects. We list out Prime Cost items, their allowances so you know what you're getting, and what kind of finishes have been allowed for throughout.

If there are any questions you have at this stage, we will be there ready to answer them for you. Once you are satisfied with our quote and are ready to proceed, we will arrange to get all the necessary paperwork sorted, including things like contracts, council applications, insurances, etc. We can then assist you with any remaining selections and choices you may need to make, and schedule the start date for your project.

Don't be fooled, nothing is ever really free, don't let a "free quote" become an expensive cost blowout later, or even an unsafe or poorly finished job.